Episode 8
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The Heirs: Episode 8


Episode 8 Review

This episode starts with Kim Tan and Cha Eun-sang talking outside one of Cha Eun-sang's part-time jobs at the cafe. Kim Tan was concerned about Cha Eun-sang's well being. This is also the episode that reveals Kim Tan confessing his love for Cha Eun-sang. Cha Eun-sang is afraid of Kim Tan's confession because she is afraid that the classes (rich, and poor) can not be similar. Although Kim Tan dissolves the classes can actually come together. This is also the the first hug by the two.

Kim Tan confesses to his father about the loneliness he felt while in the United States.
It also shows scenes from the past of their first meetings and adventures in the U.S.


Also in this episode, you see Kim Won shaving his face again. Throughout the episodes, there is always shaving of the beard for Kim Won. Is this the symbolism that he would always try to shave his feelings away, and keep a clean start.

This episode also reveals the beginning of the tension between Zeus Hotel Group.
Han Ki-ae (Kim Tan's mother) and Park Hee-nam (Cha Eun-sang's mother) are different in classes, although yet similar in some ways, as seen by the pillow scene, when the pillow tore apart releasing feathers. Both of them seem to feel happy together. When the appearance of class issues came into being regarding the chicken feathers in the pillow, the scene switched again to class awareness.


Lee Bo-na's quotes a poem in the school's speakers:
"This morning, as smiles approaches from far away, we are the sunshine in the night sky. It's as if the night is sleepwalking. Slowly there will be the forgotten." A poem from Caramel's Words by Park Yeon Jun.

Cha Eun-sang discusses with Yoon Chan-young that she wants to tell the truth about being on scholarship. Yoon Chan-young warns Cha Eun-sang not to reveal the truth. The truth will only hurt the chances of her having a normal school life.

Kang Ye-sol introduces herself to Chan Eun-sang in this episode as they stand over the building.  IN this scene it always shows that the higher rich class hates students on scholarships, and that the school should not accept such students.

Cha Eun-sang and Choi Young-do scenes:
Cha Eun-sang lists Choi Young-do's name as "don't answer" on the phone, and makes a suggestion as don't answer my heart. Choi Young-do is slowly becoming soft as he congratulates Cha Eun-sang for being chosen by Sunbae-nim.


Cha Eun-sang also discovers her note from the U.S.
On the note: "It was like a mid-summer night's dream. Now I'll disappear, like the dream that was dream't last night. Bye".

This episode also shows a bit of Rachel Yoo, and Lee Hyo-shin laughing and getting along with each other.

This episode also shows that Kim Tan confesses his love towards Cha Eun-sang both to Rachel Yoo also. Rachel becomes heart broken and walks off as Kim confesses that he likes Cha Eun-sang.
Also in this episode because of Cha Eun-sang, both Kim Tan and Choi Young-do perform actions without know the consequences afterwards.


In this episode, it gives a glimpse into the father of Kim Tan planning something for Jeon Hyun-joo (The girl that Kim Won likes) by discussing matters with his secretary (Yoon Jae-ho).

We also see a glimpse into Cha Eun-sang's mother's past as working in a food stall.

"A hundred's peoples' mouths" is the main quote here. As Yoon Jae-ho and Esther Lee discusses in the parking lot of the school. In the past Esther couldn't break way out of the class ranks by confessing to their love, this was the main reason they seperated. Yoon Jae-ho was not in her class rank.

How come it always shows people eating compact noodles. This episode also show's Lee Hyo-shin having a crush on Jeon Hyun-joo.

A lesson from Choi Young-do's father ( Choi Dong-wook) is to cheat, as long as the ending result is successful by a Judo lesson.

A funny scene is when Cha Eun-sang buys Kim Tan and Choi Young-do drinks at the cafe before leaving them alone.

Kim Won's feelings start to show as he waits for Jeon Hyun-joo at her house. Kim Won reveals that he's been scolded all his life.

Kim Tan and Jo Myung-soo finds out that Choi Young-do likes Cha Eun-sang.






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