Episode 6
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The Heirs: Episode 6


Episode 6 Review

Episode 6 introduces the viewers to the social class system of this elite school. As viewers, this allows for the view into the school of the rich. In the normal public schools, the classes and classifications of students are different such as the classifications of the jocks, geeks, etc. In the elite system, there are different ways to classify students. These are divided into classes such as how society function nowadays. There are four separate classes and two distinct classifications.

The four classes start from the highest rankings to the bottom. The first class are the business elites, the second class are the stock heirs (or CEO childrens), the third class are the law and attorney heirs, and finally at the bottom rung of the ladder being fourth class are the social welfare students (students on scholarships).  There is one weird class that's not in the list, where are the politicians class?

The other two distinct classifications are ("New Money"- Newly rich or "Social Welfare" - students on scholarships).

Throughout the series there are many distinct words and objects shown. These can include the words "Dry Cleaning", and the symbol of the "Dream Catcher".

Upon viewing the first few series, the word "Dry Cleaning" symbol does not seem to play a role yet, although this might come into being further in the series.  The "Dream Catcher" symbolism appears quite frequently.  This symbol represents the dreams of the main characters in the series, Cha Eun-sang, and Kim Tan.  The dream of Cha Eun-sang is to escape poverty and live like the rich, going abroad and studying.  Although Cha Eun-sang does not show that she has feelings for Kim Tan, the viewers can tell that her dream is to be with Kim Tan.  Throughout the episodes, Cha Eun-sang remembers back to the days in California, and also smiles secretly when hearing Kim Tan's name.  Cha Eun-sang does not show her feelings because she knows that Kim Tan is engaged to Rachel.  Unlike other characters in the series, Cha Eun-sang is not selfish like others, she shows morals.  Cha Eun-sang is not a gold digger and wants to avoid confrontations.  This is a dream girl for most guys.  For Kim Tan, his dreams are to be with Cha Eun-sang and have everyone accept him for his existence.  Throughout the episodes, Kim Tan has been rejected by various characters such as Kim Won and Choi Young-do, although from the outside, people seem to be envious of Kim Tan's existence because he is the son of one of the richest company in Korea.

Throughout the series, Cha Eun-sang escapes life by going to the wine cellar. As the viewers can see, when Cha Eun-sang visited the wine cellar at the beginning of the series, the wines live in luxury. Although Cha Eun-sang lives in a room that's closet like, she relaxes and feels comfortable in the luxuries of the wine cellar.

A new character plays a major role in this episode, Lee Hyo-shin enters the picture as the outside onlooker (roof top of school scene). He also meets Cha Eun-sang for the first time.

This elite school seems dark from the inside, although people who view it from the outside seem like the school is very good. The series introduces the school as being in the dark side already by showing a scene of Lee Hyo-shin on the school's roof top presenting the students as demons and the king of demons (Kim Tan) has returned.  This motion by Lee Hyo-shin tells the viewers of a dark past that will eventually open up as the series progresses.

The school is shown from the inside as teachers do not care if your from the low social class.  The lower social class are frowned and looked down upon.  Students of the lower classes are bullied with undue care, if you don't like it transfer, such as the case for Joon Young who is of low social class. This almost seems like society nowadays, if you don't like it suffer the consequence of the higher class, become their slave or leave.

The main turning point of this episode is the slow cracking of Choi Young-do. There are many symbolism seen as the cut on the face inflicted by Joon Young, the bullied revolting and taking control, and also ordering and eating cheap noodles from a convenience store. Why does an heir, one of the richest person in Korea order cheap noodles? This is Choi Young-do's escape. Through this escape of ordering cheap noodles, the meeting of Cha Eun-sang is seen.







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