Episode 10
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The Heirs: Episode 10 :What people are saying?


bulletKIM TAN love EUN SANG and Eun SANG love KIM TAN and that it, they already told each other that:).. it take 2 side to fall in love:) so go a way outsider young do because EUN SANG don't love you and never will...LOL... anybody that normal know that love someone that don't love you back never work... and at the end you still a loser because she will pick someone she love... LOL... let back to good part of movie :)LEE MIN HO is so good with what he doing:) this drama is so a 5 stars***** plus and a big part of it because of LEE MIN HO is in it:)... my goodness it killing me to see how love able, sweet, cute and so handsome he is:) he is so special and none like other:) the one and only LEE MIN HO:) how can a man can get this much handsome, so sweet and so love able and not only that excellent with what he doing:) I love LEE MIN HO and his work:) please make movie too because we can't get enough of you HANDSOME LEE MIN HO:) may GOD bless you and your work:)
bulletThis drama is awesome!!!

bulletThis drama is spot on! The acting and the plot of story is interesting. I can't wait for the next episodes!

bulletI really really REEEEEEALLY want Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang to get together in the end. If not, I'm gonna hurt someone.

bulletMost anticipated drama ever! I don't even have time to watch shows from my own country but for "Heirs" how could I not make the time! Felt bad for Cha Eun Sang...her situation in the beginning is pretty bad. Having to work endlessly and visiting her sister to find out its all been a lie! One thing that does frustrate me though is that Kim Tan expresses his emotions to Eun Sang and he even puts so much on the line for her and she doesn't even want to put any effort into it. :/
bulletim so obessed w this drama!! ^_^
bulletI'm in love with this drama. It's so addicting!! And some handsome and pretty people!
bullettotally hooked
bulletEvery single episode has something super exciting happening and the ending leaves you wanting more and more. I don't want this show to ever end. It's too good!
bulletit good better than I expected
bulletOMG I'm addicted! Can you guys please post a new episode every day?! Aghhh! The suspense! Love Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho. They're both good alone, but them together... AMAZING!
bulletaddictively delicious!!!! Among the top K Dramas of all time. ??? literally love just about every actor in this show!!!!
bulleti like too much to do that but you don't like me right :( he melt my heart the best confession ever


bulletit's perfect!

bulletLove this drama!!!!!!!

bulletOOOOOOOLALALA HEIRS is like a drug for the soul. Those gorgeous male faces (esp. Lee Min Ho and his foe) WOW!!!! I've noticed many other Kdramas with over 50+ and even a !00+ episodes, PLEASE don't stop writing more! Love you all!!!






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