Ep 10 Summary
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The Heirs: Episode 10

Episode 10 Review

Choi Young-do and Kim Tan were in discussions when Cha Eun-sang walks into the picture. Kim Tan tries to cover up the situation by saying that he is going out with Cha Eun-sang.

Kim Tan apologizes to Choi Young-do's father for being in a fight with Choi Young-do. Choi-Young-do's father becomes mad at Choi Young-do when Kim Tan leaves the room. The weird thing was that they both came together to the hotel? Did they walk or come by in a vehicle? In another scene: Kim Tan waits for Choi Young-do to enter the elevator?

In the past scene when Kim Tan and Choi-Young-do were kids, why was the closet that they ran into empty of clothing.

There were more scenes for the older viewers: Yoon Jae-ho and Esther Lee talks about the past while in the hotel.

Cha Eun-sang and Kim Tan meet in the wine cellar again, Cha Eun-sang reminds Kim Tan of their two different worlds, and that she does not want to become involved because their classes are different. If Cha Eun-sang ever becomes involved, the situation might ruin both their futures.

In one of the classroom scenes when Yoon Chan-young and Cha Eun-sang were in discussion, the teacher talked about snowboarding?

One of the funny scenes was the mid-term test results posted in the student main lobby. The results show the main characters are flawed and have become rock bottom. The names Choi Young-do and Kim Tan had the lowest scores in the mid-term test.

Lee Hyo-shin is always seen with the red ginseng while talking to Rachel. Seem's like Lee Hyo-shin might have some feelings for Rachel.

Near the ending of the episode, camp scenes are shown.





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